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A Friend Name Robert
A Friend Name Robert

A Friend Name Robert

I had a friend name Robert, who was taking an online course I have, part of which entails email access to me. Robert was gay, He outlined all the grim realities of his life in his emails to me. In his job, his coworkers ganged up on him, It was constantly stressful because of how nasty they were to him. When he walked down the street, accosted by homophobic people who wanted to abuse him in some way. He wanted to become a stand – up comedian, and when he did a stand-up comedian job, everybody heckled him about being gay. His hold life was one of unhappiness and misery and it all forced around being attacked because he was gay.

I begin to teach him he was focus on what he did not want. I directed him back to the email that he had sent me and said,”Read it again. Look at all the things you do not want you to are telling me about. I can tell you are very passionate about this and when you focus on something with a lot of passion, it makes it happen even faster!”

Then he started taking this thing about focusing on what you want to heart, and he begins really trying it. What happen within the next six to eight weeks was an absolute miracle, All the people in the office who had been harassing him either transferred to another department, quit work at the company, or started completely leaving him alone

He began to love his job. When he walked down the street, nobody harassed him anymore. They just weren’t there. When he did his stand-up comedy routines he started getting standing ovations, and nobody was heckling him!

His whole life changed because he changed from focusing on what he did not want, what he was afraid of, what he wanted to avoid, to focusing on what he did want.

Robert’s life changed because he changed his thoughts. He emitted a different frequency out into the Universe. The Universe must deliver the pictures of the new frequency, no matter how impossible the situation might seem. Robert’s new thoughts became his new frequency, and the picture of his entire life changed.

Your life is in your hands. No matter where you are now, No matter what has happened in your life, you can begin conscious choose your thoughts, and you can change your life. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change!                                                                                                                                        

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