The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!


Change come from within, change to me means, change comes from a feeling of separation and isolation and loneness anger and fear and pain, and into a state of peace for ness where you can relax and really enjoy life as it comes to you, knowing that everything will be alright, Life is wonderful and everything is perfect in my world I will move into my greater good always, and that way it doesn’t really matter with the direction my life takes, I know it’s going to be wonderful, so I can enjoy all sort of things, someone said Love is letting go of fear, it is either fear or love and if you are not in a loving space, if you are not coming from the love space of the heart than you are in fear and all those other things like isolation, separation, and thing like that loneness and anger that is part of the fear syndrome and that is what we want to change from, we want to move from fear into love. and to make that a more or less permanent state for us. Even the planet itself these days are very much in this change and transition we see it all around us, we are going from an old order into a new order and some people said it began with the according to ageatlease the astrology like to subscribe it that way. people are beginning to look within to save themselves, some people get very frightened of responsibility not in a victim way but in a way that gives us power, we are getting what people call the higher power or higher self. that we can contribute to saving ourselves. and it’s a good feeling when you don’t need to depend on an outside person but you know you have the tremendous abilities to make positive change in life, if we are victims and then we feel isolated we feel pain and fear and we are always looking for someone else to do it for us. and now we are taking responsibility for, 

The new belief and the new feeling and while you are getting them in place as part of your life you going to have a lot of vacillating between the old and the new we are going back and forth to what was and what you would like it to have. And if you decide you are going to release the old belief and create new one’s during that transition period going back and forth this is a time when we get angry, and know all bout the new why am I not doing it, I must not be good enough I must be a bad person but, that’s silly learning take time you go back and forth, back and forth until you get into this new belief going to the complete shift and to do an affirmation for something and then something happen then you say oh I can’t do that than you go back to your old self well that just a period of vasulating it doeen’t mean you haven’t learn anything and it dosen’t mean you are back where you started it hust part of that back and forth thing you are not settle in your new habit yet that takes a little time and a little practice, and a little patience and you want to be patience with yourself you know you want to build yourself up instead of beating your self up it’s a tremendous different image if you just think of it does your thought build you up, or do they beat you up, when you beat yourself up that is not being very loving to yourself, some thim we don’t have to make outward changes but to go within and take what we already do and just altered it just a little bit, some one was talking to me tonight about a new apartment and saying there isn’t enough money, so I said start affirmaing that there will be lots of money and it just like a tiny little thing you change, but it’s a small way using the way you look a a perticular situation. the person was in a lot of pain and they said I am in alots of pain is there another word to us instead of pain, I remember mashing my finger with the window and I didnot want to give into the pain and I thought this is a lot of ” sinsation” (another word for pain) I was referring to my finger as a lot of sinsation, and view it in this in a particular way help me to heal much quickly what could have been a painful thing because I knew if I could alter my mind it could be better if you could alter yours.

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