The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!


FaithFaith isn’t the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It’s simply taking God at His word and taking the next step”

“Stop talking to god about how big your mountain are, and start talking yo your mountains about how big your God is”

“Faith is the belief that God will do what you want, It’s the belief that God will do what is right”

“God always answer Prayers, Some times it is yes; Sometimes the answer is no; Some time it’s you got to be kidding”. “Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death”

“Our faith is what connect our weakness to God’s power”

“The significance of joy in my science comes in the occasional moments of discovering something new and saying to myself, ‘so that ‘s how God did it”.

“I had a choice to either grow up and find God in the situation or become bitter, I choose to find God . And I experienced freedom like I never knew before”

“You can see God’s signature everywhere around you once you learn to recognize His handwriting”.

“Faith that does not translate into actions is no faith at all”.

“Deep faith is paranoia turned inside out … It allows us to trust ourselves and others even if we and they have proven untrustworthy in the past”.

“Prayer: The world’s greatest wireless connection”.

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  1. Ana65

    It depends on everyone’s religion is what is consider the type of faith they have.

    I’m catholic and when there are difficult times, I pray to God to help me and keep my faith strong, and my faith is what it keeps me going.

    Other people might think I’m doing it wrong, but in my way and believes, I have faith that things will get better, and not always happen my way, but then I have to accept that things won’t change, and that’s the hardest thing.

    Thanks for sharing this Article!

    1. Awesome Ana, I understand your Faith is what keeps you going and in your way, and your belief and faith in God that things will get better, and things will change, things always change, not always what we want but they do change, I am wondering why there are so many religions? and why it is so many different Faith.
      Thank you, so very much

  2. Mike

    Hello there. This is a great post. I think in life, as people to continue to evolve and grow in their abilities to do things to care for themselves, I think something that should never be forgotten are the things that God has done for us. Even though we cannot see Him with our naked eye, He definitely is there and always watching over us. The sad part is when people want something and pray to God for it, but do not get it and as a result, their faith in Him declines. I think that’s where things need to change a bit where it needs to be less about the “me” and more about God comes in. I think spending some time in getting to know God and His word can go a long way.

    1. Hi, Mike, thank you, yes God has done so much for us, and sometimes we don’t understand why our prayers are not answered and don’t wait, I believe if we walk a little closer with him then maybe we would understand, sometimes he wants us to wait, we are not ready to receive it, and we think the answer is no! we need more patience. Trust God!
      Thank you, for sharing

  3. Parameter

    Believing or finding the inner guide can be a lot of challenges for some people. Like you rightly mentioned, we expect the inner guide or healthy partner to appear in a certain form or communicate in other forms or languages. As such, if you must find the guide, it must be done diligently with an open mind.

    1. Hello, parameter, you are right! finding the inner guide can be challenging for some people it can come in different forms and language, but God lives in our hearts, and the inner guide is within us, we get new grace and mercy every morning from God, the inner guide is the Holy Spirit it is there for all of us, guiding us if we would listen.
      Thank you, for sharing

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