The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!


Hello everyone, my name is Dorothy Jackson, before I was a Jackson, I was a Duckworth. My maiden name, I married a sweet Loving, and giving man, his name was Tommy Jackson, I married Tommy, before I was pregnant, Tommy worked two (2) jobs, one the primary was with Zenith and Rouland Company, and the other was with Yellow Cab Company where he was SHOT five (5) times in the back with a 22, I was 21, yrs. Old and Tommy was 23 yrs. Old, when that happen I was devastating, my husband was in the hospital Paralyzed from nipple line down, and I was pregnant, GOD I said I know I am being tested, so I have learned from early own, I had to grownup fast, and a baby on the way, three (3) weeks later Pierce M. Jackson was born a boy, I was happy, and sad at the same time happy I had my baby boy sad that my wonderful husband was paralyzed what am I going to do, Tommy lived 25 yrs, and then he died later.


Share something about your life that it could be interesting and relevant to your niche here. (several paragraphs). I have always known there is something BIGGER in life, When I came across the SECRET it was a Minister Linda Tate Lady friend, that told me about this women group about Manifesting, I said “Thank you, God” so I joined the group starting to think and be positive watching my words being Happy all the time, never speaking negative about anyone, change myself, I look at myself I didn’t like what I see, I made that change, Practice! Practice! and Practicing the belief I can be anything through Christ that strengthen me. Ask, Believe, Received, I have always wanted this (Niche) This is my Passion.

I was raised in a Religious Baptist Home, where we said Grace before each meal, Prayer at Bed time and Sunday school and Church every weekend, by reading the Bible I did not understand every thing I was reading, but I keep on reading it, and now I understood a lot I did not know, there is a special meaning behind the Bible, Christ is the only one that showed us how to speak into existence, do as Christ said by reading the words, and follow him, words are powerful watch what you say, I started learning and reading a few years ago, I think 2015 I practiced listening for GOD to speak to me, to visualization, ask believing and receiving.


Why do you want to help people in your respective niche? (few paragraphs) I have always wanted to help people, that is why I worked in HealthCare so I could help the people that need it, My niche is to inform and service people of the power of your thoughts, creating and bring things into existence we live in a world of unlimited abundance, and I believe that, I want to share it with anyone that will listen. Believing in the power of your mind, and putting the example on display for all to follow and see.


The purpose and goals of my website is to Serve people, and be better at bringing people together to motivate and dedicate. I am here to serve others to give of myself, to be honest, to be positive, to be trusting, to be truthful, my purpose and goal is to incorporate with the Secret in mind I want to show and prove to the people how to live in a world of unlimited abundance, to believe in your self, control your thoughts, be Grateful, be Thankful, be humble, and above all “Do NOT FEAR” Don’t think about it. Keep a Smile at all times.

Thank you so very much,

Dorothy Jackson

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