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How To Use Your Positive Energy To Attract Money!
How To Use Your Positive Energy To Attract Money!

How To Use Your Positive Energy To Attract Money!

Ask a metaphysics expert or a spiritual person what is nature of money and most likely you will be told that “Money is a Force” or “Money is a form of energy” or Money has vibrations. Without getting too technical for the purpose of this article— “How to Use Positive Energy, to Attract Money,” it is sufficient to make money as a powerful symbol of energy in our life and it is a powerful one.

Like all forces in the universe, money is bound by certain laws of the Universe. By understanding and following those laws, we became money magnets to attract money and enabling wealth and prosperity to come our way. Most of us are aware of these laws of money, the principles that govern the flow of money — fully or partially; consciously. Or subconsciously. For example, everyone knows the importance of hard work, determination, and passion to attract money.

However, the completed road map to becoming rich and have an abundance of money is not known to most of us, It is either forgotten or not known or is not fully understood, Besides, there are some more secret and subtle ways to attract money, wealth, and prosperity.

When followed and acted upon systematically, these methods have a tendency to create more and higher levels of Positive Energy, This can almost instantly attract money in unexpected and unpredictable ways, defying our normal notions of cause and effect, and what is logical and possible. Such sudden and abundant results are indications of the wondrous phenomenon of Positive or Higher energy at work to attract money.

How to use positive energy to attract money

So let us look at some important aspects, steps, and tips to raise the level of Positive Energy to attract money.

1. Love Money

love is the most powerful human emotion. Perhaps it is one of the largest searched keywords on the internet and if not the largest. When you love something from the bottom of your heart, you want that person or article, or situation to be with you, in your life — FOREVER. It has a great pull or attraction effect. As we discussed in the previous lines, money is also a force, and when we combine two strong forces LOVE and MONEY, you are welcoming money and attracting more money into your lives.

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  1. Millie "Pioneer Kitty" Zeiler

    Positive energy is the key to everything.  Even during adverse moments, staying calm and positive really makes even the worst situations suddenly not seem so bad.  You think more clearly and you act with better judgment.  This creates even more positive energy around you, which people love whether they understand what’s going on or not.

    Positive energy opens up doors, which opens up opportunities.  The more both are opened, the more likely the flow of finances will come your way, and in a manner that will seem effortless.

    1. Hello Millie, you have the key, you are so right Positive Energy is the key to everything! yes staying calm and positive, I try to talk to my uncle about staying calm it is very important to stay calm even in the worst situation I will say to him now that is not so bad, is it? but, he still gets upset, you are right again, opportunities open up, things that you thought were not going to happen, Millie, you know how it works, in a manner that will seem effortless, and let it flow easily and effortless.
      Thank you,

  2. Pat

    Hey Dorothy,

    Great article on the relationship between your energy and money. So many people negatively associate with money and don’t realize that their negative thinking is exactly what is keeping them from obtaining the money that they want. Love is a very strong emotion and I thought it was a great tip to use it to your advantage when referring to money.

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