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Money Is Not Evil!
Money Is Not Evil!

Money Is Not Evil!

In my years of traveling and meeting thousands of people first-hand, I’ve discovered that many of them have a limiting belief that money is somehow BAD. This idea may have arisen from many sources—an anti-materialistic apparent, a political ideology, or a religious doctrine. So before we get any further, let’s address this concept and make sure we get some clarity around it.

Getting wealthy may not cure every problem, but it sure can cure a lot of them. When you secure the economy in your house, then you can go out to dinner more, you can have someone to pick up your dry cleaning, you can hire someone to clean your house, you can pay off debt, you can buy a new house, take vacations, and give to charity. You can also allow your spouse to retire, enabling another person to fill his/her job and gain the income you no longer need.

So whether you want to help change the economy in the world, or you’re simply curious about what the next level of life will look like for you and your family, I believe this is the greatest time in history for you to gain what you desire. Let’s face it, capitalism is getting a bad name; entrepreneurs are sometimes seen as greedy and amoral rather than as crucial to our economic system. It sounds crazy to those of us who believe in the system, but it’s a belief that has taken hold in certain segments of society. But here’s the real truth: money earned ethically allows you to do incredible things for the world.

Just about every single billionaire and super-successful multimillionaire I now made money to secure a great life, and then they had a massive impact on the world. Most billionaires employ thousands of people. They also help family members and parents retire and support their kids as they move on in their lives. They help build Churches, deliver water to places that don’t have it, create anonymous charities and help fund them, often without asking for any public recognition. Because, as I wrote, money earned ethically can have incredible by-products—benefits for friends, and family, and the world.

If you’re reading this you have a desire for more in life. Go make yourself wealthy, become secure, and watch how much good you can do for the world.

Here is something else to think about. Society seems to be looking down on capitalism, entrepreneurship, and making money. Simultaneously, a lack of money causes more stress in people’s lives than any other one thing in this world. Experts say most divorces are caused by money problems, and that most people on anti-anxiety pills admit it’s because of financial worries. Most people who aren’t connected to their children and their spouse claim it’s because of a lack of money, or having a job that you hate. Have you ever been stressed or worried about money?

Of course, you have. “Do I have enough? Am I enough?” Those questions can rattle anyone’s cage. Here’s what one of my mentors taught me: “If you can cut a check for a problem, you don’t have that problem. “Repeat it like a Mantra. If you can cut a check for the problem, you don’t have a problem. If you have bills that you’re stressed over, you cut a check, “THAT PROBLEM GOES AWAY.”

Worried about your kids’ college education? Cut a check, that problem goes away. Worried about your parents getting old and not having enough for retirement? Cut a check and let your parents retire, like I did. Are you worried about your future? Cut a check, that problem goes away. Is your business not doing as well as it could? Cut a check, that problem goes away.

Don’t tell me, “Money can’t solve issues.” when you get money out of the way, you are allowed to be your best self. Think of it this way, If I was sitting next to you right now and squeezed your throat, the only thing you would think about is oxygen. But prior to that, I’m guessing taking a breath of air wasn’t occupying your mind. You just go about every day knowing it’s there. The reason people are stressed about money is because they are being squeezed by the amount coming in, contrasted with how much they need to live the life they desire.

When worrying about money comes off your plate, you have the opportunity to be your best self. By shifting certain habits in your life, abundance and prosperity will flow to you in ways that might seem impossible at this moment. No magic money machine in the world. There’s no button you’re going to push so your mailbox will be filled with checks. But what you’re going to get are simple recipes ideally suited to the complex times in which we live. They cut through all the confusion of modern life and provide a straight line between where you are now and where you want to be.

Have you ever wondered how two people could be brought up in similar environments, work in the same field, have similar jobs, and one of them is making twice as much as the other? Or one person excels at his job and then leaves and does his own thing, while the other person says, “Oh, but the economy is bad and the President and the Congress and our boss is holding me back.” Two people, two completely different life results. The reason? The person who took his or her life to the next level had different daily habits than the one who sits and simply wishes and hopes for more.

Throughout this book, you’re going to see these habits and be excited about each and every one of them. And like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, It only matters where you want to go.

Written by: Dean Graziosi

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