The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!
Put yourself first
Put yourself first

Put yourself first

Many people have sacrificed themselves for others, thinking when they sacrificed themselves they are being a good person.  Wrong!  To sacrifice yourself can only come from thoughts of absolute lack because it is saying,  “There is not enough for everyone, so I will go without.”  Those feeling do not feel good and will eventually lead to resentment.  There is abundance for everybody and it is each person’s responsibility to summon their own desires.  You cannot summon for another person because you cannot think and feel for another.  Your job is you.  When you make feeling good a priority, that magnificent frequency will radiate and touch someone close to you.

You become the solution for you. Don’t point to another person and say,  “Now you owe me and you need to give me more.”  Instead, give more to yourself. Take time off to give to yourself and in a sense to fill yourself up to fullness, to where now you can overflow in giving.

“To acquire love… fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.”

Dr. John Gray

Many of us are taught to put ourselves last, and as a consequence, we attracted feelings of being unworthy and undeserving.  As those feelings lodge within us, we continue to attract more life situations that had us feel more unworthy and not enough.  You must change that thinking.

Undoubtedly to some, the idea to give so much love to self will seem very cold, hard, and unmerciful.   Still this matter may be seen in a different light.  when we find out that looking out for Number One; as directed by the Infinite, is really looking out for Number Two and is indeed the only way to permanently benefit Number Two”.

Prentice Mulford                                                      

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