The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!


Step three, and the finally step is the process, is to receive. I begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel the way I will feel once it arrives. Feel it NOW. And in this process it’s important to feel good, to be happy, because when I’m feeling good I am putting myself in the frequency of what I want. This is a feeling Universe. If I just intellectually believe something, but I have no corresponding feeling underneath that, I don’t necessarily have enough power to manifest what I want in my life. I have to FEEL it. Ask once, believe I have received, and all I have to do is feel good, I am on the frequency of receiving. I am on the frequency of all good things coming to me and I will receive what I have ask for. I wouldn’t ask for anything unless it was going to make me feel good in the receiving of it, would I? So get myself on the feel good frequency, and I will receive.

A fast way to get myself on the frequency is to say, “I am receiving now. I am receiving all the good in my life, NOW, I am receiving $100,000.00 NOW.” And feel it. Feel it as though I have received it. My creativity is within me, Dorothy is one of the greatest manifestors, I know I feel everything. I feel what it would feel like to have what I am asking for. I feel everything into existence. I don’t get caught up in how, when, or where, I just feel it. http://mydailychoice.com/ddj

When I feel as though I have it now, and the feeling is so real that is like I have it already, I am believing I have received it, and I will receive it!



Get clear on the weight you want to be. Have a picture on your mind of what you will look like when you have become that perfect weight, if you have them, and look at them often, If not, get pictures of the body you would like to have and look at those often.