The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!
The  Power  of  Your  Mind
The Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your Mind

You attract to you the predominant thoughts that you are holding in your awareness, whether these thoughts are conscious or unconscious. That’s the rub.

Whether you have been aware of your thoughts in the past or not, now you are becoming aware. Right now, with the knowledge of The Secret, you are waking up from a deep sleep and becoming aware! Aware of the knowledge, aware of the law, aware of the power you have through your thoughts. If you look very carefully when it comes to the Secret, and the power of your mind and the power of your intention in our daily lives, it’s all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes and look.

You can see the law of attraction everywhere, you draw everything to your self. The people, the job, the circumstances, the health, the wealth, the debt, the joy, the car that you drive, the community that you live in. And you have drawn them all to you, like a Magnet. What you think about you bring about. Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.

This is the Universe of inclusion, not exclusion. Nothing is excluded from the law of attraction. Your life is a mirror of the dominant thoughts you think. All living things on this planet operate through the law of attraction. The different with humans is that they have a mind that can discern. They can use their free will to choose their thoughts. They have the power to intentionally think and create their entire life with their mind.


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