The mind-body-fit ultimate goal of biofeedback is to show people that with mind body techniques like relaxation and meditation, they can take charge of their bodies and even control such disorders as epilepsy, chronic pain, and asthma!


Think God that there’s a time delay, that all your thoughts don’t come true instantly. We’d be in trouble if they did. The element of time delay serves your. Its allows your to reassess, to think about what your want, and to make a news choice.

All of your power to create your life is available right now, because right now is when your are thinking. If your have had some thoughts that will not be beneficial when they manifest, then right now your can change your thinking. You can erase your previous thoughts by replacing them with good thoughts. Time service your because your can think news thoughts and emit a news frequency, NOW.

You want to become aware of your thoughts and choose your thoughts carefully and your want to have fun with this, because your are the Masterpiece of your own life. “The David your are sculpting is your”.

One way to Master your mind is to quiet your mind. Without exception, everyone uses Meditation as a daily practice. It wasn’t until I discovered The Secret that I realize how power meditation can be. Meditation quiets your mind, help your control your thoughts, and revitalizes your body. The great news is that you don’t have to set aside hours to meditate. Just three to ten minutes a day to begin with, can be incredibly powerful for gaining control over your thoughts

To become aware of your thoughts, your can also set the intention, “I AM THE MASTER OF MY THOUGHTS” Say it often, meditate on it, and as you hold to that intention, by the law of attraction you must become that.

You are now receiving the knowledge that will enable you to create the magnificent version of you. The possibility of that version of you already exists on the frequency of “The most magnificent version of you..” Decide what your want to be, do, and have, think the thoughts of it, emit the frequency, and your vision will become your life.

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