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Why Socializing Benefits the Mind and Body
Why Socializing Benefits the Mind and Body

Why Socializing Benefits the Mind and Body

It’s always good to have a variety of social activities in your life. Did you know that getting together with friends, going to the movies, having someone over for dinner, or simply enjoying conversations with other people all add up to improved health benefits?

A recent study found that older adults who stay connected socially are more likely to retain their memories and cognitive abilities later in life. The take-home message in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior is that we need a variety of brain stimulation, including social activity, to keep our minds sharp. This is especially true later in life when the aging process takes its toll on memory and brain health.

Researchers analyzed data over several years of 1,667 adults who were at least 60 years old. They looked at three likelihoods of participants engaging in social engagements. the study also examined cognitive ability and memory acuity as people socialized more often. While we often feel better after a good visit with family or friends, The study concluded that we may actually be improving our social activities to promote better brain health.

Be active. Both physically and mentally. Read every day walk every day. Avoid sitting home alone all day. If you can’t get out due to health restrictions, invite people to come and visit. Sometimes people people need to be “invited” because they don’t wont to drop by unannounced. Prioritize having a social life. Be sure to make an effort no matter where you live or how you feel. You don’t have to have numerous social events on the calendar. Any time you are with other people is a social event. Looking forward to getting together with friends and family is part of fun.

Be a planner. Everyday, plan some activity that will allow you to talk to other peiple—in person if possible. If you have the mobility, go to a shopping mall and chat with people who work in the store. Shopping (even window ahopping) it is a good way to atrake up a conversation about product and items in front of you.


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